About South Huntington

For those who are looking to enjoy the calm of a Long Island community, South Huntington provides a pocket of long-established quiet. Between the Jericho Turnpike on the north and the Northern State Parkway on the south, the residential area gives access to many of the other attractions of Long Island. An introduction to the area can be found at SouthHuntington.com. The tree-lined streets provide an appealing environment for local bicycling and other low-key outdoor recreations.

The birthplace of Walt Whitman gives the whole region a special distinction, so his name appears on many features. The Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site and Interpretive Center captures much of that distinction. The literary connection could make the residents wax poetic if they wanted. Or they could explore the Walt Whitman Shops which feature many high end shops, such as Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, in an enclosed, climate controlled environment.

The graceful appeal of the community can foster creative stimulation. For instance, the Long Island School for the Gifted is located in South Huntington. This special school was founded in 1980 by a group of parents who sought for an education that would suit their gifted children. The result is a school that is the only one of its kind on Long Island. The diverse student body, with children from varying economic and cultural backgrounds, reflects the general ideals of the community at large.

Local green spaces include Koster Park, lying midway between the east-west thoroughfares, continuing the sense of relaxed welcome that the shaded streets offer to visitors. There are many other options on Long Island to visit, but if you seek quiet comfort South Huntington provides just such a setting. You can bask in the reflected glow of the poetry of Walt Whitman in the same environment that hundreds of gifted students lap up as they grow in their abilities. South Huntington does not pretend to be anything more than it is, a highly desirable locale in the midst of Long Island.